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Minilogo tutorial

In this section you’ll find helpful tutorials aimed at teaching you how to implement Langium for concrete applications.

These tutorials revolve around the MiniLogo language, implemented in Langium. They describe how to implement MiniLogo from the ground up, and how to customize the various features of MiniLogo.

By working through each of these tutorials, you’ll be learning about:

  • writing a grammar in Langium
  • implementing validation for your language
  • customizing a CLI for your tooling
  • writing up a simple generator
  • building a VSCode extension
  • running Langium in the web with the Monaco editor
  • implementing generation in the web

By the end of this series, you should be equipped to start working on your own language, and also have a pretty good idea for how you can integrate Langium into other projects as well.

With that being said, hop on in to the first guide on Writing a Grammar in Langium!